Arkansas Municipal Auditorium

The Municipal Building of Texarkana, Arkansas, is located at Walnut and Third Streets in the downtown of the city. The Arkansas Municipal Building was built as a multi-purpose center in 1928 in the Art Deco and Collegiate Gothic styles. The AMA building houses an intimate theater, Texarkana, Arkansas city offices, a small jail, and a downtown fire station.

The theater hosted performances from the jazz age through ’70 rock, local school productions, beauty contests, recitals, and civic events.

Perhaps its greatest claim to fame is as one of the primary stops on the Louisiana Hayride circuit, which laid the foundation for modern day rock & roll and country music.

In the lobby there is a large display of famous performers that once performed on stage of Texarkana’s Arkansas Municipal Auditorium such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Mae West, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kitty Carson, George McCormick, Smiley Wilson and many more.

Texarkana, Arkansas has a mission to restore and revive the culturally and historically significant Arkansas Municipal Auditorium as a visual and performing arts center for all Texarkana residents and visitors as well as to benefit our children’s education and revitalize downtown Texarkana

stage set for AMA

About the AMAC


In 2002 the Texarkana Arkansas Municipal Auditorium Commission was approved by the Texarkana, Arkansas City Board of Directors.  The charge from the city board as to the role of the commission was to “enhance community pride through the renovation of the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium”.

The following information is the history of the work the AMA Commission has accomplished since the creation of the commission.  These projects have been done with initial plan beginning with the vote of the commission and broadened into the partnership with the city of Texarkana Arkansas, the Texarkana Arkansas Advertising and Promotion Commission, state of Arkansas, and private donations. 

  1. Replacement of the tile roof
  2. Asbestos Removal
  3. Front outside railings replaced
  4. Removal of the building where the Walk of Fame Park is now located
  5. Removal of electrical lines in the alley
  6. Doors and windows on the 2nd floor reworked, replaced, and painted
  7. Period street lighting placed around city hall and Walk of Fame Park
  8. Pointing and cleaning on two of the outside walls
  9. The design, supervision, and installing of all the Walk of Fame Park
  10. Plexiglass covering installed on the stained glass windows
  11. Interpretation and displays denoting some of the history of the AMA
  12. Given tours of the AMA to Arkansas Municipal League, Arkansas Parks Recreation and Travel Commission, Leadership Texarkana, and several bus tours that stopped for a visit


The mission of the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium Commission is to restore and revive the culturally and historically significant Arkansas Municipal Auditorium as astate-of-the-art. community accessible, medium-sized visual and performing arts center for the benefit of all Texarkana residents and visitors. there by serving as a catalyst to and cornerstone of a resurgence in local pride, the education of the region’s children and the revitalization of downtown Texarkana.

A broad coalition of people all volunteers, with expertise in business, finance, economic development, downtown revitalization, education and the arts and humanities provides the driving energy for the AMAC.  


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